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At Barnabas Brothers Coffee™ our mission goes well beyond providing great coffee, we are also dedicated to aid those who are doing the Lord’s work. Not all of us are called to be preaches and teaches. But we do all have a special calling or purpose in this life and each one of us need to pray and seek the Lord's guidance in finding what we are called to do.


The Lord has placed it upon my heart to help those who dedicate their lives to the service, and He also placed within me a love and a passion for great coffee, and tea as well. So I have combined my passion for coffee with my Passion to help others to fulfill their calling by by supporting them financially.


There are many churches and biblically sound charities that need financial help and while Barnabas Brothers Coffee™ does not have the financial capability to fund the world's missions we can use our years of experience with coffee and business to help help Churches and biblically sound charities.


Barnabas Brothers Coffee™ loves to partner with Churches and Biblically sound Charities. We can help you design your coffee program as well as bringing money back to your organization so you can continue doing what you are called to do.


Barnabas Brothers Coffee™ partners can help us support our missions as well as bring funds directly back to your organization and it is easy, all you have to do is let your congregation, or supporters know that when they show their support for Barnabas Brothers Coffee™ by purchasing our great coffee they help us on our mission they have the added bonus of helping to fund yours as a portion of the proceeds will go to fund the your organization in the form of a donation..


Barnabas Brothers Coffee™ Great Coffee never did so good...

The passion that we hold for Christ translates into the work we will perform as your partner!

Spreading the love of Christ, one cup of coffee at a time.

Contact us today if you wish to partner with us!


Boosting the success and reach of your church