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Here at Barnabas Brothers Coffee, we carry high-quality coffee that will be given a smooth and robust kick to your store, cafe, or restaurant. Check out some of our current varieties of coffee and get in touch with us for more details!

We carry a wide variety of hardy and aromatic Geva brand coffees including Cordoba Royal, Mountain Blend, Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Kona Blend, and much more! Check out all of Geva's offerings, and see what we can provide you!

Here at Barnabas Brothers Coffee, we are confident that you'll find a blend that perfectly suits your needs!

Breakfast Blend - A blend of Central and South American beans that yield a rich cup of coffee. A perfect way to start the morning.


Cordoba – A hardy, robust blend of 100% Arabica coffee roasted to the peak of perfection for a smooth satisfying coffee experience. This is the same coffee served at Houston’s finest restaurants. Cordoba has been our signature blend for the past 16 years.


French Roast – A blend of Central South American blend. This pungent and smoky dark roast yields a full bodied, satisfying flavor. The dark roast delivers just the right amount of exciting and smooth magic bean finish. These especially high quality beans produce a five star rating from any dark roast lover.


Mountain Blend – A light refreshing blend, especially great for the general public. 1905 A light refreshing blend, especially great for the general public.


Fog Navigator – A hearty blend with a bold flavor that is sure to wake you up and to satisfy.


Decaf – A superb body that is mild and easy to drink.


Classic Espresso – Premium espresso roast made from high grade Arabica beans to yield a rich, smooth shot of espresso.


Decaf Espresso – water processed 100% Arabica decaffeinated blend with a rich and creamy crema, balanced with a pronounced aroma.

Kick-start your day with a delicious and smooth coffee! Call to ask about the varieties of coffee!


Get your day started right with superb coffee!

Geva Coffee

Barnabas Brothers Coffee - Signature Blends

Our single origin coffee beans are hand-picked throughout various stages of maturation, washed with pure spring water and very carefully milled. This process allows our Barnabas Brothers Coffee™ partners to guarantee our customers consistency, indistinguishable flavors and harmonious aromas with all of our coffees.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe FTO – A light, bright coffee with a pleasing ‘splash’ of fruit and flora on the first sip. A good example of African beans. Africans finish softly (in contrast to heavier Asians). This will give lots of flavor but deliver with a medium body.


Kenya AA – This unique and strongly flavored coffee offers a complex profile of citrus and blackberry. The wonderful aroma combined with nearly perfect wine like acidity makes it a favorite among more sophisticated coffee drinkers around the world.


Costa Rican Campana – Costa Rica is the 9th largest coffee producer in the world. Only Arabica grown on this republic due to laws banning Robusta cultivation. A rich, full bodied, strictly hard bean coffee possessing a good aroma and mild flavor.


Guatemalan Antigua – This carefully cultivated Arabica from volcanic highlands of Guatemala Antigua Prov-ince is superbly aromatic. It’s rich, lively, and full of flavor, yet very heavy bodied with bright acidity.


Mexican Altura – Altura means that this bean is grown high in the mountains of Mexico. This medium-bodied bean, with a mild, slightly sweet, and even nutty taste, is considered among the finest in the world.


Nicaragua – A wonderful South American light roast coffee. The bold flavor is very popular for those who like hearty coffee without the dark roast.


Brazil Bourbon Santos – Santos is the world’s greatest coffee port. Brazil contends with Colombia for the position as the world’s biggest coffee exporter. A high grade Brazilian coffee with a smooth flavor and medium body.


Colombian Excelso – Papaya Colombia produces 12% of the world’s coffee supply. Colombian is a mild, rich and flavorful, smooth cup of coffee


Colombian Supremo – Colombia is the world’s 2nd largest exporter of coffee. Supremo is the top export grade out of Colombia. These large bold beans yield an attractive roast. A well balanced coffee with a medium body and excellent aroma.


Panama Bouquet – Hand-picking of only the ripest beans makes this one of the finest coffees to come out of Central America. Bouquet Coffee, Panama is famous for its high acidity and medium body taste. Panama continues to be on the top 10 best coffees in the world.


Honduras San Marco SHG – Sun Dried, San Marco is a full-bodied coffee with a bright acidity and a classic flavor and aroma.


Honduras Santa Rosa HG – Santa Rosa coffee has a clean, medium body with a smooth taste, distinctive of Arabica coffees. It makes and excellent blend.

Single Origin Coffees


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