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In Lahore, Pakistan being a believer puts your life and the lives of those you love in danger. In Islam (a Political ideology) they do not take kindly to anyone who is not a faithful follower of Muhammad. But there are a few faithful there who would rather die a martyr's death then to live without our Lord and we all need to pray for them daily.


Among the Pakistani believers there a few called by God that no not fear and they step out to preach the gospel openly in Pakistan. Jase Smith is a former Muslim that has been saved by grace and called to bring hope to the hopeless from within the Muslim World.


Jase asked me some time ago to help him start a ministry in the Lahore provence called True Light - a Christian Organization in Pakistan. While I am not called to run this organization Barnabas Brothers Coffee™ is honored to be a part of the Lord's plan in Pakistan.

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A message from Brother Jase

I’m Jase from Lahore, Pakistan and I’m 23 years old a young born again Christian. When I was 14 years old, I had kept a dream of help to poor and destitute because I saw many problems in my life about Christian peoples.

I was sinner and away from God even with all my thoughts about human being. All was going well but human being turns up with the time and his way of thinking is changed.


As I began to think about Christianity, I have got closer to Christ. I have accepted to my Lord as a Savior in 2011 and have been baptized with water in 11 May, 2014. I had thought about to built a Christian organization who will work for the peoples and assist them to come to the Lord but I was could not do anything for our peoples due to the poor resources. I have created my church page and started to share the Gospel with the peoples via social media.


One day on social media, Brother Bill Kneer joined my Church page and sent me a message with full of love and encouragement. He has been appeared his concerned about Pakistani Christians, this message has been created a new hope for me. Day by day Brother Bill was encouraging me for the work of Lord and I had already a dream for the Lord’s work that is True Light Christian Organization.

I have been share my idea of Christian Organization with Brother Bill and he has been liked it and agreed with my thoughts. After the considered on it, we have been started the work on True Light Christian Organization in Pakistan and our relation of Brotherhood got stronger in Christ.


We have been taken a start of True Light Christian Organization in the name of Jesus Christ and now we are working for Pakistani Christians who are in the Darkness we are bringing back to the True Light of the Christ. Basically True Light is working in Kids because when they will grow up they do not know about Christ and they get convert to Islam. So we are teaching them from their childhood, because when they become young and they will never depart from the way of True Light.

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